The view from Lighthouse 1211, in Gulf Shores is spectacular because this unit is centrally located in the building.  This allows a maximum view from the East to the West.

Our email address is  We can help you with booking our unit or answer general questions.  If you have been our guest, please send us comments about your stay in 1211.  We want to hear from you.

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Lighthousecoolcondo East View

Lighthousecoolcondo West View


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New, Comfortable Balcony Furniture

New, Comfortable Balcony Furniture


Sunrise Over The State Pier In October

Sunset Colors In The Sky In October

Sunrise Over Building In March

Sunset Colors In The Sky In March


Bring Binoculars Because There Is Always Something Interesting to See!  Boats, People, Schools of Manta Rays, Sea Birds, Dolphins!


Full Moon Rising Over The State Pier April 2010


Fourth of July Fireworks (2010) Fired From The State Pier As Seen From The Balcony


Constellation Orion Rising Over The State Pier November 2010