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The bunk bed system, which includes the beds, the chest and the shelves has been custom built for this room.  Built with 3/4 inch birch veneer plywood it has been designed to be incredibly safe and sturdy for your children.  It is NOT just a frame of 2 by 4's screwed to the walls.

Your children will love this room!  It was designed with children or teenagers in mind.

The bunk room has two 10 inch thick twin sized Beautyrest mattresses.  These are NOT cheap, thin, 6 inch thick bunk bed mattresses.

The chest has 3 large, deep drawers.  Suitcases are easily stored under the bunk bed.

The shelf system supports dual 22 inch LCD TV's that are both connected to a DVD player.  So people in both bunks can watch the same DVD simultaneously!  Additionally, both of the 22 inch LCD TV's have built in DVD players, so each bunk can watch different DVD's if desired.

A laminated instruction sheet is located in the bunk room to help you enjoy this audio-visual setup.

The TV as viewed from the upper bunk.


Each bunk bed has built in LED task lighting.  These emit enough light to perform tasks or read but are safe because the stay completely cool!